Writing Systems
for Fiction Writers

All the legendary writers had one thing in common - they relied on Writing Systems.

They had a writing system, methodology or process for creating good fiction quickly.

The most productive writers of the "Golden Age of Fiction" (about 1910-1960) did not write slowly and they did not re-re-re-re-write.

They wrote short stories in a day and novels in a few weeks and the still warm copy from their smoking manual typewriters went straight into manila envelopes to editors - all of it fast. Each of them may have used their own unique writing systems but speed was the one thing common to all.

Just to clarify. I'm not talking about writers who wrote one or two books which years after they died someone decided were "classics". I'm talking about writers who made very good money (while they were alive to enjoy it) by writing lots and lots of novels, and short stories. The numbers for some of these fellows is just staggering.

Writing fast meant more published stories, which meant more income and notoriety, which ultimately brought more notoriety and even more income.

There is a snowball effect to writing fast - you become well known and well paid.

And there is a mudball effect to writing slow and re-re-re-writing - you die broke and unknown.

To write well and to write fast (like most of the great writers did) you must know what they knew... so you can write like they did... FAST!

Click here to watch this free video series to see what they knew that perhaps you don't.

Writing effective fiction that sells is neither rocket science nor voodoo. Nor does it rely on inspiration or luck.

Rather it depends on simply having the correct technology of effective storytelling and using it correctly.

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Video # 4 - "Story Technology"
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These free videos lay it all out for you.

You can write better, faster and easier - novels that sell - than you ever thought possible.

Click here to watch Video # 1 - "Write a 'Killer' Novel Fast..."Now; While they are still available for free! Very shortly these groundbreaking presentations will only be available for paying students.

Write on...
And Publish!


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