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Questions and Comments about this site are always welcome.

Questions and Comments about any article or page I've written are also encouraged and welcome.

I actually look forward to hearing from my visitors. Reader feedback helps me better understand the questions, concerns, problems and issues that my fellow writers are dealing with. And in many cases it points up an area or two where further research is needed.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything that I say on this site.

My opinions are just that - my opinions. They are the product of my experience, and research but never the less - they are just my opinions.

If they're true for you, they're true. If they're not true for you, then that's OK too.

We're all adults here and divergent opinions are expected. My only hope is that you find some bit of information here that helps you with a current writing project or in some way furthers your writing career.

Write on...

Richard A. McCullough

I make every effort to respond to all e-mail within 48 hrs.

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