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This "about us" page contains general information about this site.

Who is Richard A. McCullough?

First and foremost I'm a writer - a "storyteller" to be more exact...

I write poetry, short stories, novels, and an assortment of non-fiction (the most important of which is this website) and all the technical articles, essays, blogs, manuals and other "how-to" material about writing fiction that you will find on this site - and a bunch of business stuff.

For the last 10 years I've been very heavily focused on unraveling the theory and mechanics of the writing of fiction. And the fruits of that labor will be found on this site.

Click here for a short Bio and an assortment of Richard's fiction work.

Goals & Purposes:

To help writers of whatever level, genre or format write better fiction - faster; and sell more of what they write for more money.

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Contact Us:

You can write me any time...
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The short version - Neither www.Write-Better-Fiction.com nor Richard A. McCullough is responsible for what you do with what you get off this site -

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Privacy Policy:

Neither write-better-fiction.com nor its author will share your info with anyone, no-how, no-way.

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Member Forum:

I'm working on it!

e-Zine Archive:

Coming Soon!


Here is the link to the Blog Archive where you can find all the latest updates to this site - and more...

That about covers "about us" what about you?

Please feel free to use the "contact us" page to ask questions about your work or writing fiction in general or make comments requests of suggestions about this site.

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