Truth and Simplicity

truth and simplicity

True and simple usually go hand and hand. But although the truth is always simple; we are, more often than not, required to wade through a lot of complexity to get there.

But if we keep our eye on moving towards simplification, we are moving in the right direction and will eventually arrive at a simple, clean statement of the truth that we seek.

Therefore, if one is moving toward truth in any subject, one finds things getting simpler -- and of course the reciprocal is also true: If one finds themselves moving towards complexity, they can be assured that they are moving further away from the truth.

There is anther way at looking at this: A datum is as true as it aligns other data.

I call it "connecting the dots". A "big" idea is one that connects a lot of "dots" or other data points.

I look for those and get very excited every time I find one.

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