The Best eBook Cover Generator for Fast, Free and Easy Covers

An effective eBook Cover Generator should produce a compelling book cover simply, easily, quickly and for free because...

Although people say "You can't judge a book by its cover ..."

We all do it. When was the last time you picked up an ugly book to read?

That makes creating a compelling eBook cover of paramount importance to anyone wishing to self-publish AND have their book read.

But without an effective eBook Cover Generator writers are stuck with two big problems...

Cost and Quality

The Quality Problem...

The question is - How good does the cover need to be and how do you know when it's "good enough"?

There are so many elements to consider:

  • The graphics
  • The font styles
  • The font colors
  • Size and shape
  • Boxes and borders

And... How do you arrange all those elements?

One Simple 3 - Step Formula...

Gives you covers like these for all your books...

The eBook Cover Generator is based on a simple formula.

Yes, there is a Simple 3-Step Formula for Generating an eBook Cover.

But I bet no one has ever explained it to you before...

Most authors just throw up their hands in despair and run off looking for a "professional cover designer" to create a cover for them.

Because -

  1. They think it's too hard, or
  2. Too expensive

Which brings us to the second problem.....

The Cost Problem...

Research shows cover designers generally start around $500-$1,500 and can demand as much as $5,000 for a single book cover.

But my research also tells me that many of these alleged "professional" cover designers routinely make mistakes when creating cover designs for books and especially eBooks.

These numerous mistakes cost you sales.

There are three main reasons for these mistakes.

eBook Cover Generator Mistakes

1.      There are actually very few cover designers who specialize in making covers for the major publishing houses. These I consider true "professional cover designers".

2.      But even these "professionals" routinely making serious mistakes when designing covers for eBooks.

eBooks present a very different design problem from the print books they are experienced with.

We've all seen the results on Amazon where you can't recognize the graphic or even read the title.

The format changed - but they didn't adapt.

3.      Then we have the artistic people who want to work in graphic design.

They've simply hung out their shingle and declared themselves "cover designers".

They have no experience with books let alone eBooks.

They don't really understand the relationship of cover design to book sales because they are not salesmen - they are artists.

Since, they don't understand what role the book cover plays in the book sales process...

They are making design decisions in the dark about what they are actually doing and/or trying to accomplish.

You've Seen The Results of Bad Design...

If you've spent any time on Amazon you've seen countless examples of bad cover design.

Although you might not know what's wrong with many of the covers - you know that they fail miserably to get you to reach for, let alone buy their book.

So, in far too many cases the struggling author - loses on both counts.

He or she pays a significant chunk of money on the one hand - and still winds up with a lousy book cover on the other hand.

This bothered me for a long time until I decided to do something about it.

The eBook Cover Generator - Solution

First, I was just looking to solve my own book cover needs.

I didn't have thousands of dollars to give to the alleged professionals.

And I didn't have hundreds of hours to invest in learning complex software like Adobe.

I needed an eBook Cover Generator because I needed good covers for my eBooks, all my current and all my future books.

What I wanted and desperately needed was a Fast, Easy way to get Free book covers for ALL of my Books.

It had to be simple. The graphics had to be free. And it had to be easy and fast to create a book cover. But most importantly it had to produce a professional looking cover that reached out to the reader, practically compelling him to look at and buy my book.

After 18 months of trial and error I finally put it all together...

I created an eBook Cover Generator that's...

  • Simple to use... No "design experience necessary - Really!
  • Fast... The covers above were created in about 30 minutes - Really!
  • Easy... It's so simple - it's practically child's play - it's Fun!
  • Free... You can published all your books without paying a dime to "designers"

Click the "Show Me How" button NOW!

Show Me How

For all the Fast, Free and Easy eBook Covers you need

for the rest of your writing life...

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