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As fiction writers we need books for writers because we read books differently and certainly for different reasons than the public at large.

I have my library sorted into two basic categories; Reference books and Fiction books. Both of which I read over and over again to better understand how the masters perform their magic.

Over the last 5 decades I've collected quite a library despite the fact that I don’t hang onto everything I read. I will be building a collection here of the classic books that every writer should own and study. These are the books that I've read, still re-read and I feel have the greatest capacity to teach. They have shaped me as a writer (for the better I'm sure) and represent the authors and works that I most respect, enjoy and would recommend.

You can buy them through my store on this page or borrow them from the local public library - but whatever you do - read them. And then read them again.

The first time through you will be dazzled by the storyteller's magic. But as you read the same story over and over again you will begin to see through the magic and begin to recognize HOW the author is doing what he's doing. It is at this point that you start to grow as a writer. You will start to see patterns, mechanisms, and techniques that were hidden before. But most important of all, you will begin to understand the structure that is "a story". And that understanding is the most valuable of all.

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books for writers
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Books For Writers

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books for writers

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