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Self Publishing

Don't let the self publishing gators get ya.

publishing gators Take the survey - Take the book - So, ya don't get BIT!

  1. You'll get insight into where you're at as a writer.
  2. You'll see what problems other fiction writers, like you, are dealing with.
  3. You'll get an an instant download of my 79 page Special Report, "Self Publishing - the Dangerous Opportunity".
If you're thinking about self publishing (and you should be) you owe it to yourself to get this special report.

I've talked with numerous writers who've already lost an arm or a leg to these self publishing gators. Don't be one of the causalities. Get my free book and get smart.

There's gators in the self publishing swamp and they've got their beady little eyes on your a$$ets (wallet). And they think nothing of demanding an arm or a leg for what you can get for free - yourself.

This report will save you lots of grief and tons of money when you're ready to self publish. And I guarantee, you're more ready than you think.

Self Publishing is a Great Opportunity - if you avoid the Dangers (alligators).

That's why I call it a "Dangerous Opportunity" 'cause there's Opportunity and there's Danger in that self publishing swamp. Get it?

I've invested two years and made countless mistakes figuring out how to self publish, quickly, efficiently and for free. You can too. But you've got to know how to read the murky water or them gators will eat you up. (gobble up your time and your hard earned money)

You can reinvent the wheel, or learn from my mistakes.

NO, I'm not selling any kind of self publishing "services". You don't pay to self publish!

In fact - if you're paying anyone - you're not self publishing. (some restrictions apply, bla, bla, bla) Read the book!

This is a limited time deal.

Seriously... any day now, my wife will put her foot down and demand that I start charging serious money for this info.

Get the information you need now - for free - or pay me (or the alligators) later.

Yes, there's a catch. Two actually, but it won't hurt a bit.

  • You'll get a free subscription to my e-zine, full of writing and self publishing tips, about once a month. Pretty tough, right?
  • Give me some feedback on the book. Nothing mushy - just your short, honest review of the material. This is strictly on the honor system. No big deal.
So, you actually get 4 gifts.
  1. You get someone who really cares (me) asking great questions, about something you really care about.
  2. You get to see what others fiction writers, like you, are up to.
  3. You get my 79 page Special Report, "Self Publishing - the Dangerous Opportunity".
  4. And, you get a free subscription to my e-zine.
And it won't cost you a dime. What a deal!

Just do it!

You can thank me in the morning.

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Cool. You finished the survey.

When you hit the "button" above you'll instantly see the results from other writers and you'll get a link to my 79 page Special Report, "Self Publishing - the Dangerous Opportunity".

The results from the "essay" type questions will be in your next e-zine. I compile these about once a month, so please be patient.

Until then, read the book and get ready to start publishing.

  • No query letters
  • No agents
  • No NY Pulp Publishers approval required
  • AND - No cost

The writers revolution has begun and you're part of it. Self Publishing is far easier than anyone wants you to believe.

Write on...


© copyright 2011 - Richard A McCullough is the creator & editor of the Fiction Writers source for Writing Better Fiction Faster and Selling More of What You Write.

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