Goals and Purposes
of Write-Better-Fiction.com

The Goals and Purposes of write-better-fiction.com are quite simple.

To help writers of whatever level, genre or format, write better fiction - faster and sell more of what they write for more money.

Writers, are among the most valuable, powerful and influential people on the planet - we are capable of shaping history, cultures, and the very lives of our readers - but the knowledge and effective practice of our craft is on the verge of extinction.

Rising illiteracy and the erosion of the fundamentals of storycraft are combining into a crippling effect on fiction writers.

When over 75% of new novels and films so completely fail to the engage their audiences that they can't even recoup their cost of production - the craft of storytelling is in serious danger.

But this craft is too important and too vital to let fail.

In the hopes of slowing this decline if not restoring fiction writers to their rightful station I have taken on the task of codifying the craft such that it can, once again, be easily understood and practiced.

Writing effective fiction is not just some mysterious art but a craft that can be learned. And it should be no more difficult to master than becoming a Master Baker, Master Carpenter, or Master Pipe Fitter. This may seem like a crude comparison. But only to those who would rather stand in awe gawking outside the gates than roll up their sleeves, step over the threshold and go to work learning the craft.

There are those who goals and purposes are to promotion of the alleged mystery; because they profit through our confusion. The Publishing, Record, and Movie industries were constructed to exploit the myth of the Muse by constructing a labyrinth of incomprehension between the content provider and the content consumer - between the storyteller and the audience.

My goal is to turn that tied - and to once again establish the creator (writer, musician) as master of his/her own destiny.

My goals and purposes are to pull back the curtain and reveal the mystery as not a mystery at all - but rather simple fundamentals.

The entirety of storytelling subdivides as follows, irrespective of the genre format or medium:

  1. Conception
  2. Design
  3. Composition
  4. Editing
  5. Pre-publication
  6. Manufacturing
  7. Distribution
  8. Promotion/Marketing
  9. Sales

These nine functions are the entirety of process from Artist to Audience.

The goals and purposes of every artist are to produce their art. But for the artist to control his destiny and fortune he must take responsibility and control of each step of the process.

To the degree that others, whether industry or individual, intervene and usurp control - the artist becomes that much the effect - disempowered and impoverished.

In the case of writer's items 4-8 were usurped by the Publishing Industry and items 1-3 are so thoroughly obscured under the singular title of "writing" that many would-be writers don’t even know they are trying to create "a Story" - let alone how to effectively go about creating one.

Hence we see tens of thousands of manuscripts submitted annually, with only a handful published and of that minuscule percentage -- 75% fail. And the same percentages hold for the Movie industry.

Clearly there is something wrong.

My goals and purposes are to restore clarity of process to storytellers such that more writers are able to write better fiction faster and sell more of what they write for more money - hence storytelling in all its forms is restored to a state of high production and financial viability.

The condition of "starving artist" or the necessity to "keep your day-job" are indications of a craft on the verge of extinction - and the culture that relies upon their efforts is not far behind.

To the end of rectifying this calamity I offer this website and the knowledge and experience contained therein.

And too all storytellers I sincerely hope, "May you find what you need here, use it and prosper."

Write on...

Richard A. McCullough

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