Some People Need to "work-up-to" being Artists

by Andrea
(LA, Ca)

I'm enjoying reading and editing your work. This is a great idea. I just sent you the edited documents.

My only comment is on the chapter "Writing For Publication." You might consider acknowledging that many people who would like to be "artists" have been invalidated so often as children that they are terrified to create their art. I would bet that 80% of people have been told that they can't draw.

I've heard it many times. They loved drawing and painting but they were invalidated by parents, teachers, siblings, etc. They still have the urge to create, but unless they are given "permission" and encouraged by supportive terminals, they may only do it "for themselves" or not do it at all. I've know at least 4 people who have "become" artists (musicians, visual artists, writers) only after they've allowed themselves to see themselves as artists and this happened only after they had supportive friends who cleared up their false data and encouraged them to be the artist they've always wanted to be.

I can see that this chapter might push someone toward publishing their work, but it can also have the opposite effect - invalidating them once again, i.e., they're not an artist if they're not publishing their work. You might explain that it can be started on a gradient.

This may not be something you want to do at all but the tone of that chapter really bothered me.

My two cents. :-)

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Sep 12, 2010
I Agree But There's a Problem
by: Richard

That's more like $50 bucks worth of GOOD advice, rather than two cents.

Your points are totally spot on. And I will take a look at that chapter from with your comments in mind.

The problem that I have is perhaps trying to cover a number of issues in only one fell swoop; while being very precise about the definitions of things.

"Art is the Quality of Communication." ~ L. Ron Hubbard. Which is about the best definition that I've ever seen.

When we look at the above we see two things Quality and Communication.

Just considering the communication aspect implies that something must be sent and it must be received ? to be Art.

Therefore; if I'm just whistling to myself in the shower or playing a grand piano to an empty Carnegie Hall ? based on that definition it's not Art?

So, I think there is practicing, which one might well do alone, but what is produced wouldn't be Art just by the fact that no one else received it. And that would be irrespective of the quality.

On the other hand your point is well taken that people need to be encouraged to just get in there; draw some lines, sling some paint, pound some words ? to build up enough confidence where they are willing to deliver, "share" if you will, the product of that creative urge.

So, I'm going to incorporate the above into that chapter.

And I thank you very much for bring this up. Very valuable.

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