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Yes, you may.
by: Richard McCullough

Sure, J. M. that would be swell.

What's the address of your website?

You're completely welcome to quote or copy and re-post the page as long as you keep the links intact and acknowledge me as the author. Standard stuff, yo' know.

I do appreciate your asking. Very gentlemanly of you.

You and your site visitors are invited and welcome to get a copy of the report - it's free. And I'm not even selling anything in it.

It's just some of the information I've been collecting and I wanted to get it out there so writers didn't get ripped off with this rush to self publishing.

And I've found a wealth of information since putting this little report together that will blow you away. Good stuff. Really, really good stuff for writers.

And if people get on my list I'll keep them informed as I self-publish some of my own stuff.

Just put up a book the other day "Mirror Image" a short SF novel that received a "First Runner-Up" in the "Writers of the Future Contest". It's on Amazon, B&N and will be on a host of other ebook sites in the next week or two.

The future of self publishing looks very, very bright for writers - if we just steer clear of the blood-sucking; Agents, Book Packagers, and Self-Publishing companies who are all too happy to pick the pockets of the unsuspecting and uninformed.

Write on...

Richard A McCullough

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