Types of Poetry

This is one of the Types of Poetry. A poem about the barriers of this thing called "love".
Types of Poetry

We Whisper Out Our Names


Richard A. McCullough

The flower that blossoms
red lips in the moonlight
was her name.

Through the window
a cool face of cream white,
its pocked reflection
was our inspiration.

And we clung there
as twin, vine hot roses.

I clutched the bedpost
against the agony
and she my back
with hot fingernails scraping,
and we clung there reveling in our semen,
loving our organs against the night,
whispering to confine our love
between the paper walls,
least it be lost in the knowing.

Moonlight through the shade
in the guise of street light
falls upon our feet,
curled and callused clutching.

her knees are bent to fire my waist
and her face is clad in crimson,
my dark mouth to march in clutching dampness
and smother out the glow.

We clung
and came to the edge
and shrank back
to the shelter of our own hot skins.

Liquid kisses to mark the path
of where we had been.

We were clothed in tear sweat,
clutching with lustful muscles
to become one
but never
there is no time.

We are of separate spaces
but still we may cling in wishing,
we may cling and cry "I love you,"
but still we whisper out
our names.


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Richard A. McCullough

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