Types of Poetry

This is one of the Types of Poetry - A poem about summer, and the dreams and visions that only children can see.

Types of Poetry

Summer Runner


Richard A. McCullough

Like quivers of moonlight
cast in the sand,
summer running
down an empty street,
skimming o'er rabbits
and make-believe sheep.
Quietly passing
the gutters and walks,
silently chasing
the quarry he stalks.
Make-believe runner
of far away games.

Can he hold your hand
so gently
that you'll not cry out
with fall?

Can you see
the black crow passing
against the pale cheeks
of the sky,
and when his shadow
bends to meet you,
will you not condemn
his call?

And what of all those soft
and what of all those
flickering falls?
Will you not
forever love him,
he who can not ever touch you,
he the fleeting
summer runner,
he the master
of them all.

He is too far
for your fingers.
He is too fair
for your eyes,
far above the meadow
larking, (*)
only his shadow
to touch the ground,
only a kiss
of blackness fleeting
with the coming
of the dawn.


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Richard A. McCullough

lark - noun
1. Any of various chiefly Old World birds of the family Alaudidae, especially the skylark, having a sustained, melodious song.

lark - noun
1. A carefree or spirited adventure.
2. A harmless prank.

verb, intransitive
larked, larking, larks
To engage in spirited fun or merry pranks.

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