Types of Poetry

This is one of the Types of Poetry. Love has many faces. This is a poem about... believing what we want to believe.

Naked To Her Shame


Richard A. McCullough

She writhes there
against the slick booth fabric,
holding up her dignity,
refusing to hear,
her surrender to him,
to beer,
but mostly to him,
through the foamed swallow,
for he in drunken slur,
was him,
the one,
for there was no tomorrow,
a giant slayer of her brother and father.

In the clutch of his slurred talking
he was the one.

She could believe.

So, fill the night oak bench with laughter,
quickly before the magic fades,
clutch and revel in its fragrance,
for with the dawn
it will vanish
and leave her naked
.................to her shame.


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Richard A. McCullough

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