Types of Poetry

This is one of the Types of Poetry.
Love has many facets and consequences. This is a poem about... what we need - and what we to often get.

Types of Poetry

Love Me Quick


Richard A. McCullough

She wears her hair like a flag
and sits at a stool
with smiles and a thank you.

Outside the wind blows
but the wood is warm
and the glass bottom
leaves circles of shine
upon the rich shine bar-top
and the music plays very loud
and we are not afraid.

staring at us with concrete eyes,
a city watches through our window.

It's grinning teeth
are cast in lamp light
waiting for us to fall.


Come to me, Mary,
and we will dance and laugh
and sit in a booth
sliding our asses over smooth, slick vinyl
made warm with us.

The glass will fog
if we laugh with our breath
so laugh.
Tell a funny story.
For when the lights go out
and the barman bids us leave,
our moment will be gone.
There are people we must be
masks turned to faces.

Leave us
for just this moment
let our guises slip.

Love me quick
while no one's watching.


Write on...

Richard A. McCullough

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