Types of Poetry

This is one of the Types of Poetry.
About how children see the world differently.

Gettin' Dizzy


Richard A. McCullough

Children, five in a row, come running
to the playground toy we spun laughing around,
black little boys, like any little boys
you'd find hanging around
on any afternoon.

No introductions.
They're quite improper, you know,
something grown ups would do.

We just jump; together
in a tight little group
and spun the world off
like a big yellow hoop, taking turns
at the spinning of this merry go round.

When you run very fast,
it sweeps your feet off the ground,
and if you lay on your back
like an old burlap sack,
and hang your head way out
over the asphalt race track,
you get dizzy.


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Richard A. McCullough

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