This Book May Not Be For You

by Richard
(Pasadena, CA, USA)

Some people may not like; some of the stuff I say in this book.

In fact it's going to piss off, more than a few people. I kick the education establishment pretty hard – because I think they deserve it. And I tip over more than a few other sacred cows.

When someone is holding on tight to some belief system, whether that belief system actually works or not, and you come along and start rattling their cage – it can be very upsetting. I understand. And I've done my best to provide workable tools and technology to replace the tattered flags of "everybody-knows" that have waved too long.

I make no apologies. I have to tell it like I see it.

So, if it kills a few sacred cows, busts a few balloons, challenges a few cherished beliefs, I can't help that.

I figure it's well past time for those balloons, beliefs and cows to die. Because letting them persist is just killing writers everywhere – and it's time to stop the madness.

So, whether you love what I have to say or hate it – this is your forum to make your voice heard.

All I ask if that we all act like adults. So, no flaming and try to keep the four letter words to minimum.

And above all else, have fun, meet some new people, share some ideas and successes.

If we all pull together we may yet usher in a new civilization.

Write on...

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