by Geneva m. Neale (Audain)
(Hamilton, Ontario)

Death Of A Same sex Spouse partner. Surprisingly I am left speechless I cannot write a poem as there are no thoughts flowing backwards my mind is blank or my mind is stagnant I am annoyed that anyone would senselessly cause sensation, that that someone would decides to plaster a situation by her own homophobic attitude. What a “publicist on Face book? "We are going to march Against Homophobic!" Why?

“What the public do not know is not of interest to the public.” Says Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Decide to march publicly if any of this family or friends did not accept this friend son’s marriage. This was an irrational sensationalist who did more harm than good to plaster on face book this situation. Everyone became concerned about this broadcast an unusual blame outburst.
It is a month now as I am sitting in the back yard peeling peaches, a thought occurred to me. “I must respond to a grieving mother in law and father in law and their son. My poem is to motivate everyone. To not induce harm or attention. It is about the departure of our friend and coworker’s son’s same sex spouse. This is no time to cause attention on their family situation.
Poetry writing allows me to attracts all types of feelings, expressions and resolves. My self-talk sprung roots as I too questioned my poetic skills to write without prejudgments Am I going to be passive, reactive or am I going to take actions showcasing passions stirred thoughts about this shoo gossip topic?
About this poem based on a family situation of Newest types of marriages and relationships which I addressed.
"My friend as your son spouse's mother in law and dad as father in law, you are in agreement with your son’s choice of mate through the power of acceptance to participate in the wedding activities.
These are emotional times for your son for a while. Your son and his mate did choose their partnership. Your son did make his choice bring this man home to you. As mom and dad you attended the wedding festivities. Families and friends enjoyed the event whole heartily. Same Sex Couples surprisingly are quite historical. TV hosts same sex marriages global trends. In Ancient days to modern document. We see sitings of Pride Actions worldwide. No one objected or raised eyebrows. As they too exchanged their vows appreciatively during 2000 - 2010. Family Legislative deemed adjustments. (Histology)
As a family you have lost the best son in law, your son has lost his life mate. This man’s lost a friend, his spouse and another mother’s and dad’s son about whom friends and families cared. Of course your son will be experiencing, many heresy doubt sessions where he would demand to be left alone. It is his new lifestyle transformations awkward traumatic chaos. Expressions only he can handle in loosing his loving spouse. Friends are here to lend him support using various types of pep talks.
Bereavements affect societies equally since grief never picks nor chooses. Peace meditations to the entire family's departed one tag: same sex marriage couple.
Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) 10 09 2010 458 Words

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Jun 17, 2015
Good post
by: Abraham Howell III

What a great blog you have!
I really love your awesome site...

Thank you very much!

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