Developing Your Story From A Premise

by Andrea
(LA, CA)

In the name of simplicity, I think you could eliminate most of this chapter. It gets too bound up in multiple definitions or the word "premise" and that's not necessary. I would suggest explaining to the reader that you're using a specific definition and I'd stay away from all the logic stuff. It's superfluous. My two cents.

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Jul 27, 2012
by: Richard

The problem is the word "premise" is the second most important word (concept) for story tellers (second only to the word "story" itself) and yet it is even more poorly defined than the word "story".

Secondly, it's what we think we understand but don't that causes all our problems.

I don't think one can ever understand too much about the nomenclature of a subject one wishes to be proficient at.

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