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Special Thanks to those lucky souls who volunteered to proofread a chapter or more of "the book".


Write Better Fiction, Faster

And Sell more of what you write
The revolutionary fiction writer’s manual for
writing better, faster fiction that sells

If you're one of the volunteers but haven’t got your chapters yet; please check your junk and spam folders. I responded from which may not be white-listed in your email program.

Please email me at the above or and I'll send your chapters right away.

It's a slick way to get a peek at "the book" and a big help to future readers. So, everyone makes out.

More News!

There's now a community page up where you can read about "the book", ask questions, and leave comments: Click to find out about the "The Book" everyone's' talking about. Or copy and past this URL into your browser

Or you can use this short URL

People are already talking!

Coming Soon!

I'll be posting scads of short pithy videos on the above page; revealing some cool, amazing, secret stuff about writing fiction. Nothing like you've ever see or heard before.

So, Link to it, Bookmark it, Tweet it, Facebook it, and Yak it up!

Writers need this book, the videos – and all the help they can get. The life you save may be your own, or your own struggling and suffering writer friend.

Warning – Book May Change Your Life!

Seriously – Some of the top secret, magical stuff I reveal in the book and on the videos – will upset a few people. Old belief systems are challenged and more than a few "sacred cows" get wacked.

So, if you’re the "sensitive type", fond of holding onto failed belief systems – despite the fact that they don’t work – stay away.

However, if your ready for the key to the secret door of writing successful fiction, fiction that rocks your readers and fills up your bank account – this is what you've been looking for, waiting for, and hoping for.

The world will soon be divided between writers that own and use "The Book", and those who don’t.

Owners of "The Book" will win the publishing game, those without will... Well, go without.

Write on... Your audience is waiting.

Richard A. McCullough


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