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Story Structure - What No One Ever Taught You
December 27, 2018

Story Structure - What No One Ever Taught You

Story Structure is the single most important aspect of a successful novel.

The Third Masterclass Video For Fiction Writers is now available on the Story Tech Secrets website.

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It presents " Story Structure - What No One Ever Taught You".

• What is Story Structure?

The pattern that all successful stories have followed for thousands of years.

• How does it work?

It allows the storyteller to design the complete telling of his story before he starts "writing" it. Thus avoiding the time wasters of; endless re-re-re-re-writing, "writers block" and the uncertainty of what to write next.

• What does this revolutionary concept have to do with you and successful storytelling?

Clever execution of the Standard Story Structure is 80% of what makes a successful novel or feature film.

• Why you should be interested.

This groundbreaking video is the simplest and most comprehensive demonstration of story structure you have ever seen.

As the third video in the Masterclass for Fiction Writers this video dives deep into the fundamentals of what makes storytelling actually work.

Video - 1 Definitively answered the question, "Is your writing good enough?" and demonstrated that it's not the "writing" but the story that is most important.

Video - 2 Blows away misconceptions and false data regarding exactly what a story is.

And it shows that everything we thought we knew about stories is probably wrong.

Video - 3 Reveals the exact structure of all successful stories (short stories and novels alike).

• Why is Story Structure so important?

Standard Story Structure shows you what all successful stories have in common.

Understanding this gives you the tool you need to make your narrative as powerful and as compelling as possible.

Effective Story Structure, more than anything, pulls the reader through the story.

This structure is thousands of years old – for one simple reason – it works.

You can see (in one single page) the entire sweep or your story-arch and understand at a glance what needs to happen in each of the 5 movements.

From there you can easily bore down and design each chapter and scene.

• How does all this benefit the aspiring storyteller such as yourself?

Story Structure gives you a tried and true pattern upon which to base the blueprint of your story.

When you have a blueprint you can write quickly, smoothly and with certainty. You will compose with full confidence that your narrative will deliver the adventure desired and demanded by your readers.

Great stories are not composed by accident.

Without such a blueprint, even the most creative mind and industrious writer is just typing and praying.

It's the uncertainty of what to write (what to have happen next, and next, and next) that eats away at our confidence. It's the very lack of structure that causes us to go slow, doubt our creativity, and second guess our stories and our ability to tell them well.

This perpetual uncertainty saps our creative energy more than anything else. It makes us uncertain of our vision, our ability, and our ultimate success.

Discovering and using Standard Story Structure to Design your narrative will set your creativity free in countless ways that you can't even imagine.

Once you discover what you've been missing you will understand just how suppressed and restrained you've been while writing before "Story Structure.

This third video will blow your mind with its simple but in-depth diagram of Standard Story Structure.

Story Structure is not plotting or outlining. But rather a diagram serving as a one page blueprint, a map if you will, that so simply and deftly lays out the structure demonstrable in all good stories.

This diagram is one of the simplest and yet most powerful revelations you will ever see in the field of stories and storytelling.

When you understand this simple diagram it's like having x-ray vision into the seeming imponderable complexity of the modern story.

You will instantly be able to see and understand the underlying structure that supports all storytelling.

And designing your own stories into the most powerful and effective narrative possible will become so easy, foolproof, and simple - you might feel like your cheating. Because all the mystery, effort, anxiety, stress, and frustration has been stripped away.

With Story Structure you now have a simple, yet powerful pattern, over which to lay your story idea.

You can now simply write the scenes and chapters that flesh out the structure with total certainty that you are drafting a fantastic, well-structured yarn that will captivate and compel your audience from the first page to the last.

This video alone, will change your life as a storyteller. Because it will unshackle your creativity; allowing you to focus your magic like a laser on the aspects of your story that are unique to you and your vision.

Watch this video now.

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As a storyteller you have a moral duty to use your talents and make your voice heard.

But there is so much that was hidden from us…

Until now…

Write on…


PS: Removing the Mystery Will Unleash Your Magic

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