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December 30, 2018

Story Structure - the invisible blueprint

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Video -3 "Story Structure - What No One Ever Told You"

• Video - 1 Answers the question, "Is your writing good enough?" and demonstrates that it's not the "writing" but the story that is most important.

• Video - 2 Blows away misconceptions and false data regarding exactly what a story is. Most everything we've been taught about stories and writing fiction is probably wrong.

• Video - 3 Reveals the exact structure of all successful stories (short stories, novels and feature films alike).

Standard Story Structure is the invisible blueprint behind every successful novel and feature film.

• This is the structure used by storytellers for thousands of years.

• This is the structure behind every bestselling novel.

• This is the structure behind every blockbuster film.

I did not "create" this structure but rather "discovered" it through many years of research.

I diagram this all important Story Structure in the simplest but most revealing way you have ever seen.

The Story Structure that I reveal is simple, powerful, and all important for your storytelling projects.

This is the structure you need to make your stories as powerful as they can be. This is the structure you need to reach your full potential as a master storyteller.

For a limited time I'm giving you this eye opening video - FREE.

Click the link.

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Watch the video.

While you still can.

Write on…


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