May You Live
In Interesting Times

This is an old Chinese curse.

And we writers are certainly living in interesting times. In fact we are living through what is arguably the largest single event in recorded history - the Information Age.

First there was the Hunter/Gather age, then the Agrarian age, then the Industrial age, and now we are in the beginnings of...

the Information age.

Yes, I said the beginnings – 'cause you ain't seen notin' yet.

Each of the above ages brought about massive changes in the very fabric of civilization.

Fortunes were made, fortunes were lost. The foundations of wealth and power shifted. Whole populations moved or were displaced. An "age" denotes a massive change in politics, economics, and culture. Everything shifts. Let me stress that again; "everything" changes.

Without studying history it's impossible to grasp just how far reaching and significant the changes were from age to age.

And now we find ourselves in the greatest change cycle in recorded history. Some call it the Information age, some call it the Digital age – by whatever label this shift of money, power and influence will (when it's all said and done) make those before it seem pale by comparison.

So, what does all this have to do with writing, writers, or writing fiction in particular?


Storytellers are the change agents. We have, for the first time in history more power, and influence than ever before possible.

A culture defines itself with its stories.

Stories are how we define; where we've come from, who we are and where we are going.

The information superhighway that we are seeing is only a foot path compared to what it will be – and much sooner than any of us can imagine.

In this new age, like those before it – there are those who make-things-happen (the change agents), those who wonder, what-happened, and those who wind up as road-kill.

There are those who get in front of the wave, those who try to rid it and those who are crushed by it.

Writers are particularly poised and empowered to command the forefront or at least to ride the wave. Or we can stick our heads in the sand and be crushed by it. Everyone has a choice.

But this is your opportunity (like never before) to get on the communication lines of the world and make your presences felt. Or you can stand at the side of the road watching as the world goes by wondering "what's happening?" Or worse still, lying in a ditch smashed flat by the digital Mack truck that just ran down your dreams.

To survive, let alone prosper, writers must embrace the tools and technology of this rapidly evolving digital age.

This should be our mantra for this new digital information world that we are not only inheriting but creating as we speak.

  • If you’re a writer – then write
  • If you're going to write – write well and fast
  • If you're going to write well – then publish
  • If you're are going to publish – then self publish
  • If you're going to self publish - then do it smart

There are no more excuses.

Your audience is waiting. Your global audience is hungry for what only you can provide.

Write on...

Richard A. McCullough

  • If you're going to Write - Publish.
  • If you're going to Publish - Self Publish.
  • If you're going to Self Publish - Get The Facts before you dive in and waste a lot of time and money, and make a damn fool of yourself.

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