DON'T - fly by the Muse

DON'T - fly by the Muse

If writing fiction is "hard" and the results are unpredictable; then perhaps it's time to change something about how you "write fiction".

Insanity, as they say, is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

Most writers utilize little or no "process" in their work having been taught to "fly by the Muse", or what I call "typing and preying".

But there is a better way - to write killer novels and screenplays that sell.

I call it "The Story Engine TM".

You can find out more about how it works in my upcoming video and you can learn all about it in my upcoming book "How-To; Writer Better Fiction Faster."

We Only Learn From Our Mistakes

Why is it that everything takes longer and is more difficult than we expect?

I suspect, there is a good deal more to it than simple lack of planning.

When we start something new or different than we are accustom to we have no "experience" with which to correctly estimate the time and effort it will take. So no amount of "planning" will prepare us for this new adventure. All we have, when we dive in, is hope and the resolution to finish what we start.

Hope and Resolution.

Two very powerful concepts.

Although alone, they are not nearly enough. We must also learn, and grow in the process of the new undertaking. We will face challenges and difficulties that we are not prepared for, could not anticipate, and therefore cannot know how to handle.

We have to figure out solutions.

Experience with previous endeavors may prove helpful but we have to translate previous solutions, and lessons, to this new enterprise.

And we must adapt, modify, and test - to learn what works in this new situation.

Which explains why people who lack an adventurous spirit tend to stick to what they already know. It's more comfortable. Whereas exploring new untried territory often delivers bruises to one's ego, if not to their bodies.

We fail more often than we succeed.

This is a fact that the frail of heart are uncomfortable with.

Never the less, it's quite true. And the other fact that few understand is that we only learn through failure.

We learn nothing from success, except pride.

It is only out of our failures, if we will but rise and try again, that we learn and grow as human beings.

It's Just the Beginning

Jack Canfield told me (and a room full of other writers); "Once you've finished your book you've done about 5% of the work."

Boy, did he have that right!

Marketing and promotion makes the world go round, and certainly what makes selling anything on-line or off-line happen.

So, it's not enough (by far) to simply learn how to write the thing, we "writer" types must also learn how to "sell" our little or not so little creative gems.

I've already started my next "how-to" book about the publishing and selling game for writers.

The first look is a special report titled, "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly; of the Publishing Business" and will be available to my members soon.

Until then, Write on...

Special Announcement!

This book is a "game changer."

The long anticipated book for fiction writers is in final preparations.

"How-to; Write Better Fiction Faster, and sell more of what you write;" is going into broad release - any day now.

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If you write fiction, or ever wanted to write fiction, then you MUST have this book. Otherwise you're just "typing and praying" - flying "blinded by the Muse."

Writing effective fiction is a closely guarded "Dark Art" of magic and mystery which has been protected with the wildest assortment of lies, half truths, and flat out booby-traps designed to kill "Indian Johns."

You may think I'm kidding, but I assure you this stuff was designed to crush the life out of aspiring writers and "kill them dead."

It's taken me 5 decades to discover and carefully map-out the only safe route from its moss encrusted doorway to the amazing treasure hidden within this storytellers "temple."

Now, I'm throwing back the curtain and exposing, for the first time in centuries, ALL its secretes.

You can be one of the first to walk its path or you can be road kill on the information super highway.

Write on...

"Be the change you want to see in the world." ~ Ghandi

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