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New Audio Book by Richard A. McCullough
March 01, 2014

Get your free copy of "The Zipper" today.

This twisted tale by author Richard A. McCullough is free today on Amazon:

"The Zipper" on Amazon

Book Description: "When you're only five years old the world is held together by strange and mysterious things like, zippers.

And the greatest mystery is what ants do when they go down in the ground.

Trying to follow the ants Johnny opened the zipper that turned the world inside out.

He didn't mean to, I'm sure.

But then... little boys, never do."

And there is a special treat for those who enjoy audio books because the author has published an audio version of this intriguing tail.

For a truly unique experience in storytelling you can listen to the author read his own work in his own voice.

Get your free eBook of "The Zipper" today and get 50% off on the Audio Book.

Write on...


PS: You can read Kindle books on any of your devices with Amazon's free Kindle reader applications.

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