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Should My Book Be Banned????
November 13, 2013

Reviewer demands
that I be "Boycotted"
as an Author!

There's a battle raging on Amazon over my book...

Reviews and ratings are wildly divergent.

See what all the fuss is about... CLICK THE IMMAGE

By Tia - "This work is by an anti-psychiatrist campaigner who wants no one to have access to psychiatric medication, services or even psychologists. It's prose subversively disguised to portray psychiatrists as evil and have that thought enter your subconscious. If you or anyone you know has benefited from medication to help with postpartum depression, anxiety, depression, bipolarism, etc, and/or you believe that people should have the choice of taking psychiatric medication, PLEASE boycott this author!"

By HollywoodCool - "Sudden State of Mind reads like a lost episode of The Twilight Zone. From the start, we are in the capable hands of a master storyteller who takes us on a thrill ride through the minds of its two main characters -- a failed psychiatrist and his catatonic patient. Sound depressing? It isn't. In fact, the rich prose is uplifting, and the surprise conclusion very satisfying. Give yourself a treat and read Sudden State of Mind. It's a great introduction to an author you'll want to share with your friends and fellow book club members."

Get your copy Now for only 99 cents...

Buy it, read it, review it, and tell you friends about this book - before it gets BANNED!

CLICK THE LINK Sudden State of Mind

Write on...

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