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Book Promotion for Self-Publishers
August 03, 2013

Book Promotion for Self-Publishers

A website visitors ask,

"What are the three most effective promotional techniques/strategies for self-published novels?"

1. Create a really good story

2. Tell it well

3. Publish it

4. Rinse and repeat as quickly as you can

You need about 20 published books to your name

Use Amazon's KDP to give away free copies every 90 days to get a bunch of reviews.

That said please realize...

1. Number one; "Creating a Really Good Story" is the greatest problem for aspiring writers.

2. Number two; "Telling it Well" is not the biggest problem, yet this is where everyone spends all their time and energy.

Your writing is probably "good enough". It's your story that probably sucks.

3. Number three; "Publish It" is no longer a barrier. Technology allows anyone with a computer/word processor/internet connection to publish.

But along with that freedom comes a huge problem.


Writers now have to create better stories and tell them better than ever before.

But what they are missing is the technology of story craft.

What I call "Story Tech"

Yes, creating a good story, and telling it well is a Technology.

But writers have been misled (for over a century) into believing that becoming a good "writer" depends on luck, and inspiration.

They think they can just "wing-it" when it domes to creating a good story.

And they think the internet will help them sell their poorly conceived manuscripts.

But they are dead wrong on both counts.

And as long as aspiring writers insist on worshiping at the temple of the Muse... and relying on luck...

Their best efforts will come to naught...

Until aspiring writers realize and accept the fact that effective storytelling is a Technology and a Business, they will starve while going mad with frustration.

Only by approaching the subject as a Technology (that must be learned) and operating their career as a Business (comprised of principles, procedures and best practices) will they succeed.

But we have to get the horse in front of the cart.

Which leads us back to the original question.

How do you promote a novel?

It all starts with creating a really good story.

Get that right, and everything else is easy.

Get that wrong, and nothing else will be of any value.

A great story poorly written, will out sell a poor story greatly written.

No amount of promotional trickery will turn a sow's ear into a silk purse.

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Write on...
And SELF-Publish!
This video reveals the secret Technology of Storytelling

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