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The # 1 Top Secret
October 19, 2013

The # 1 Top Secret - for Writers

The # 1 Top Secret to Successful Storytelling... REVEALED...

It you want to: write better, faster - stories that sell...

Stories that impact the minds and hearts of your audience...

Don't miss this groundbreaking presentation...

Discover what you Must Know - about stories and storytelling...

• The Dictionaries Have It Wrong

• Why Non-Fiction Is Not A "Story"

• The Truth About The 1-Act And 3-Act Story Structure

• The One Thing You Must Have - To Have A Story At All (It's not what you think)

• What Stories Actually Do

• The Role Of The Artist

• The 2 Primary Mechanisms That Make Stories Work • The Importance Of Stories And Storytelling • Why Stories And Storytelling Are So Hard To Understand And Teach • The 3 Distinct Processes To Story Creation • What Your Audience Is Actually Buying Presented by:

Richard A. McCullough, Published Author, Accredited Speaker, Creator of Story Technology

Free to the Public - Courtesy of:

Renaissance Speakers - Toastmasters International


Sunday, October 16th - 9:00 AM to Noon

In the Little Theater at Celebrity Centre International

5930 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Everyone Welcome

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