Political Friction - No Fiction

Artists, particularly the writers, are the voice of a culture.

As such, from time to time, we must unlimber our fingers from the tracing of fairy tales and focus our attention on the political and economic realities of our day.

To that end I offer this cautionary analysis.

The coming presidential election of 2012 may be one of the most important elections in the last several decades. To keep quiet about this matter would be a dire dereliction of my duties.

In economic times like these it's a good idea to put things in perspective.

The US has a history of periods of prosperity followed by recession, followed by prosperity.

Click here to read about the history of US recessions in Wikipedia.

Scroll down to see the long term chart of the US Gross Domestic Product (one of the prime indicators of our economy).

The good news is that if you look at this chart you will see that the depth of each recession has consistently averaged lower (less severe) from the 1920's to 2008.

The bad news is that the Gross Domestic Product has also been down-trending from the 1940's to 2008.

What does all this mean?

There are two primary factors that drive the economy; Consumer confidence (people buying stuff) which drives Business confidence (business making stuff for people to buy). However, both of these drivers are seriously influenced by Government policy and "leadership" or the lack thereof.

Right now big businesses are sitting on huge piles of cash reserves. Various uncertainties are causing business and private investors to hoard this cash rather than invest it (to hire people to make products thereby creating jobs which boosts consumer confidence such that people buy the stuff that other people make). Production and consumption is a sort of "circle of life" thing.

The problem is that the current administration is sending very Socialistic signals. And this makes business and private investors very nervous. When investors are nervous they don't invest in things that create jobs but rather only in things (like gold) to protect their cash.

To turn the economy around we need to sweep the socialistic policies and the politicians that support them out of office.

America politics has always swung between socialism and a republican form of government. Unfortunately the long term trend has been predominately towards socialism. This is reflected in the long term downtrend in Gross Domestic Product (as evidenced in the above referenced chart).

A period of prosperity always ushers in a set of politicians whose platform is; "redistribute the wealth". Or some form of, "Take from the rich and give to the poor" which always has been and always will be the Socialist mantra. The utter and complete failure of the USSR is proof positive that Socialism doesn't work but liberals never tire of pushing this scheme.

This last political cycle however, contains one other devastating factor. The Obama administration has openly set its sights on bringing into reality the "One World Government" (a.k.a. the "New World Order") that many Democrats have been maneuvering towards for decades. This is a massive socialization scheme which includes; removing the second amendment from our constitution, nationalizing health care, various elements in the "patriot act", devaluation of the US currency, driving the last nail in the coffin of US education with forced drugging of children, and ultimately replacing national sovereignty with the UN.

This is a witches brew with only one objective - ushering in "The New World Order" which is global totalitarianism.

"But why", you wonder, "would anyone want to do that?"

Well, if you're a liberal elitist who believes that you and your buddies "know best" what's good for everyone - then it makes perfect sense.

If, on the other hand you're a conservative that believes that people should be free to make their own decisions - then it doesn't make any sense at all.

One of the key elements necessary to bring about this "New World Order" is economic collapse, which will bring about riots which will be the excuse for martial law (which will mean a complete and utter suspension of the US legal system).

In the ensuing chaos; otherwise intelligent, hard working, Americans will allow (even demand) that the Socialists politicians remake American into a totalitarian state and it won't be pretty. In less than a decade we could be living under a global totalitarian regime.

Many people protest, "This could never happen in America". To them I offer this little analogy of boiling a frog.

If you drop a live frog into a pot of boiling water he will immediately jump out but if you instead place that same frog in a pan of cold water with a fire under it - that frog will sit there quietly until he dies.

The One Worlders know this. And so they proceed slowly but inexorably towards their objective. Confident that Americans will sit there quietly until they die in a boiling pot of Socialism.


  1. Inform yourself honestly about the social, political and economic situation that is developing.
  2. Identify the Socialists and vote them out of office.
  3. Encourage your friends and family to get informed and take similar action.
  4. Take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your families should this National and International Socialist trend continue towards its ultimate destination.

Remember; sticking ones head in the sand leaves your backside hanging out in the breeze.

If you haven't noticed that the pot is getting hot - you're just not paying attention.

Write on...

And Publish.

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