Is Storytelling Art or Technology

This will get your wheels spinning.

When you slap the label of "art" on something it's like dropping a cloak of invisibility over it. Because everyone knows that "art" can neither be understood nor defined. Art is extremely personal and entirely subjective. What is art, and what is not, is one of the oldest unsolved mysteries known to man.

So, when we wrap something in the label of "art" we have immediately declared it as both off-limits and unknowable, meaning it can't be understood, learned or taught.

As soon as we declare that writing is "art", that novels are "art", that storytelling is an "art"; then we are immediately and forever wrapping a veil of incomprehensibility around the subject that forbids anyone form even "looking". Because you've essentially said to everyone, "Don't even bother looking at this subject because it can't be understood". You might as well hang a hazardous waste sign on the subject.

And that's where the real problem started - with the "Art" label.

As long as "art" can't be defined and you say that writing fiction is an "art"... well, you've just padlocked storytelling in a box, wrapped it up with a bright orange bow, labeled it radio-active, dumped it in the bottom of a crater and filled the hole with concrete. And that's that! That sucker can't even be looked at, now or forever.

But guess what. As soon as you remove that "art" label and replace it with a label that says "technology" everything changes.

If writing fiction is a technology that means there is something there to know and you can know it. It means that the subject of writing fiction can be studied and understood. All the seaming "mystery" can be replaced with simple facts, data, and information. If it's a technology then there are rules, procedures, and best practices.

  • If writing fiction is a technology - it can be understood.
  • If it can be understood - it can be controlled.
  • If it can be controlled - it can be mastered.
  • And novels, screenplays and even poems become simple products like any other.
  • And the creation of stories and the packaging of them into novels and selling them becomes a business just like any other.
If you're not making any money at it, it's because there is some aspect of this business that you are not controlling. And to increase your control all you have to do is increase your knowledge.

At that point all the mystery begins to unravel like a bad sweater to reveal simplicity itself.

Being a successful author/publisher relies simply on the creation, packaging, promotion and selling of novels that people want to read.

And how much money you make and how famous you become is in direct proportion to your knowledge and control of each of the above steps.

It's really just that simple.

Each of the above steps; creation, packaging, promotion and selling are each technologies in their own right and must be approached, studied and practiced as such for maximum success, because the above is a chain which is no stronger nor efficient than its weakest link.

Now that we understand how the subject became hidden and unapproachable; each individual writer has a choice.

Either leave the subject hidden under a cloaked of incomprehensibility, or pick up the gauntlet and discover the technology that is Story Tech.

The path you choose determines where you wind up. So, choose carefully.

It's not big leaps but the steady small steps that become the path we have chosen and determine not only our destination but the journey. Take note of your seemingly small steps - for they are but decisions and they alone determine your destiny.

Write on...

And Publish!


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